A work of Japanese genius illustrator Shiro Tatsumi who ran through the 20th century.

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shirotatsumi_web_gallery"Shiro's illustration"

Various illustartion techniques.

Acrylic color


Left/"Big A" magazine cover(Big A 1984) Right/Original 1973.

Air Brush

Sliding doorSliding doorSliding doorSliding doorSliding doorSliding door

Sliding door"Fusuma"・This work was drawn for the event of the movie "Nippon-koku Furuyashiki-mura"/Ogawa production 1982.


Hanging scroll

Hanging scroll /original.


Dispatch of troops Dispatch of troops

Dispatch of troops・Weekly magazine "Asahi journal"/Asahi News 1972.

Ball point pen


Left/Monthly magazine "Tsukuru" /Tsukuru publishing 1986 Right/Weekly Japanese Playboy /Shueisha 1985.



Quick copy system


Direct Photo Copy system by Fuji film

The work introduces here are a part of thing. The work are being arranged now.

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